Sintra (Nicholas Bennison Remix)

Nicholas has just finished his latest remix for the UK's Recover World label group. Recover World are responsible for some of the finest trance labels over the past decade including Eve and Discover. "Sintra" will be released this spring on their new Flux Delux label.

"This, the fourth release for Flux Delux follows in the same vein as its predecessors, intelligent uplifting trance that is well thought out and executed. However, for those of you who like to take a deeper path, make sure you check out the Nicholas Bennison remix on the flip, with all its glorious twists and turns, just remember to take a map and a compass as you’ll need them on this journey!."
- Richard Tulip - M8 Magazine (UK) July 2005

"Nicholas Bennison provides the mix we like with it's snappy percussion and deep bass line. Darkness in the fx and overall feel, this is a no holds barred tech progressive big 'un. It's deep but out there, the filthy soundscapes and the 138bpm tag mean it's a driving tune to the max. The "drop" if you can call it that, is short and to the point and still has punch."
- Graham Gold - (UK) June 2005