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The original mix grabs any would be spelunker by the nether regions and forcibly thrusts them down the chute. The groove is dark and twisted, yet imbued with a 2nd chakra virility that keeps the dance floor churning. It doesn’t let up – there’s not a moment to catch your breath. Bennison has really created a monster here, full of twisted sounds that are truly original.

The Sunscape and Chris Dee remix showcases the Kubist boys’ incredible production talents. This breakbeat interpretation is full of wily trickiness and brain titillating drops. The flawless arrangement comes to a brilliant peak that will stimulate and satisfy … these boys are really taking things to another level and breaking new ground with innovative techniques that will leave other producers shaking their heads in confused wonderment.

"This is an excellent double A-side. “Glaciers” is a growling monster of layered sounds with the finese of progressive and the power of trance. “Caverns,” the slightly more progressive of the two, effortlessly incorporates a cool breakbeat groove into the four-on-the-floor track."
- Christopher Lawrence, URB Magazine
(USA) November 2003

"Having made an impact on the West Coast scene during the mid 90s with his djing, Nicholas Bennison's diversion into production was only a matter of time in coming, and like his djing skills, quickly caught the attention of many industry players not only in the US but overseas, and he has collaborated with a range of talent in recent months, including Descent and
Micah on tracks which will be released on his own label Propulsion Records later this years.

However, 'Caverns' gets the year off to a flying start, and brings this producer's talents to the world stage courtesy of Looq. Nicholas' own 'Original Mix' is a twisted groover of a track that combines hypnotic riffs and killer beats to create a moody soundscape that will work the
dancefloor into a frenzy. Quirky effects and bouncing hooks bring a dark, hypnotic vibe to the overall track, with a low end bassline adding a dynamic alien sounding shine to the off the wall arrangements of this track."
- Simon Jones,
(USA) March 2004