Tension of Opposites

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Propulsion Records celebrates it's twentieth release with the debut artist album from DJ/Producer and label commandeer, Nicholas Bennison.  Nicholas has a slew of productions which are played by the world's biggest DJs and have been licensed to major mix CDs by Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Christopher Lawrence, John 00 Fleming and Marco V.  A multidimensional artist with a do it yourself mentality, Nicholas' spent the better half of a year fine tuning the soon to be unleashed, Tension of Opposites, from his studio in Los Angeles.

Already tipped by John 00 Fleming as, "One of the albums of the year," Nicholas fuses genres and transverses into new territory throughout the album and it's eleven brand new productions.  While the drama and intensity of tech-trance bangers like Spirit Chamber will be fully expected, calmer moments like the 126 bpm uplifting progressive houser, Unstuck, or the creeping, The Valley, might not.  Then again anyone who has experienced an extended Bennison DJ set knows full well Nicholas brings together different styles with individuality and cohesiveness.

The first single, Spirit Chamber, features remixes by DJ Sly One vs Jurrane and DJ Reaky. "It's about releasing music that means something to you, not something that's intended to be a hit or trying to make everyone happy," says Bennison. Tension of Opposites uncompromising sound will appeal to fans of progressive, trance, techno, psy-trance and breakbeat and will be unleashed this October.


Money Shot - 5/5
Nicholas Bennison is one of those hidden gem producers waiting to be discovered. He's certainly proved himself as a producer with releases such as 'Exocet' and his outstanding remix on Viceroy's 'Turbomachinary'. He's been flirting with the psy scene the past few years and this – arguably - leans more toward this genre. This has to be one of the best albums of 2008, he manages to take the good parts of regular trance and merge them with his take on psy. This is power trance at its best. 
- John 00 Fleming, DJ Mag UK

Debut from LA-based trance/prog voyager Bennison. Weighing in at a nicely lean 11 tracks, and with a clear fondness for psy aspects, 'Tension of Opposites' succeeds in applying the most mercantile elements of the sub-genre to the album. ‘Angels Fear’ has some great breaks-driven tension about it and plays out with some great spacey prog atmospherics. Indeed it’s the lower-slung tracks like ‘The Valley’ & ‘New Power’ that are the first to jump out from the pack. While the album doesn't kick down any walls, it does give them a firm shove and listening to it doesn't put you in mind of any other producer. That's a pretty positive thing to say in 2008. Mint track: ‘Life Back’
- Tim Stark, DJ Mag UK

Think Marco V meets Sander van Doorn in Gotham City, and you’ve got some idea of the sound of Nicholas Bennison’s debut artist album.  It opens with that epic cinema trailer sound that’s typical of trance albums. The dark, atmospheric feel of Tension of Opposites isn’t immediately apparent with the title’s track string instruments and piano, suggesting that the album would be more suited to the classical category of your iTunes library. However, once Bennison (a regular contributor to this magazine) has eased you into the album, every track to follow is relentlessly moody and energetic. It’s big room tech-trance for late-night sets, with just a hint of vocals on “Exocet”; this is not sing-along stuff, but music to get you going on the dance floor at 4am, although the more progressive tracks like “Unstuck” and “The Valley” do offer you the chance to catch your breath.
- Ellie Hanagan, Big Shot Mag USA