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Link Mix Date Format
Joof Radio Mix Global Trance Grooves radio show 03.02.08 192k mp3
Rush Hour Mix Christopher Lawrence's radio show 06.12.08 320k mp3
March 2008 Mix Sirius Radio Mix 03.02.08 192k mp3
March 2007 Mix Recorded Mar 2007 03.15.07 192k mp3
Jan 2006 Mix Recorded Jan 2006 01.10.06 160k mp3
Elevated Trance Mix Recorded for DI.FM 03.11.05 160k mp3
Energy FM Mix Recorded for Energy FM 05.16.04 160k mp3
Primetime Mix
Recorded early Jan 2004 01.12.04 160k mp3
XM Radio Mix
Recorded for XM Radio 11.04.03 160k mp3